Timber Tails Mobile Pet Services

A fresh new look at your Pet's Health & Happiness


benefits-of-dog-massageMission Statement                      Est. 2007                      

Timber Tails, LLC was created as a response for the need of alternative health therapies for pets in my community and to offer a different choice than that of only long term medications and a decreased or stagnant quality of life.

Timber Tails serves as an advocate for animals. My goal is to educate, assist
and support pet owners in achieving a higher level of care for their companions.

I look forward to supporting local organizations in hopes to form a network for promoting animal advocacy and raising the bar of health and wellness for pets in the Pacific Northwest.

Nicole Brandon is a graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage and student of the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute.  Timber Tails is insured by ABMP Massage Association


Video: Nicole demonstrates a brief demo of what a canine massage therapy session might look like for your pet at home. This Golden Retriever relaxes almost instantly.

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