“Happy Customers!!! Honey – the dog in the back with her head on the floor got a massage two hours ago and was so relaxed she didn’t even notice that the other two were sharing her bed.  This is a first. Thank you Nicole!!!”     ~ Andrea Gergen  PORT ORCHARD, WA
“Soca was full of energy, loved to play, and was the fastest dog on the waterfront    (well, except for the greyhounds).  I have great memories of him romping through the snow and roaming the trails with us. He kept up his puppy-like behavior until he was about 10 years old.  He was slowing down, as do we all. We tried a few prescription drugs and some over-the-counter treatments, but they didn’t seem to help. Nikki gave him his first massage about a year later and the effect was immediate. He could get around better, climb stairs, and even liked taking walks again. He actually sighed during that first massage. Nikki was a regular part of our lives after that. Soca loved her like she was family.  She had definitely become part of his pack. Soca lived for another year with Nikki helping him through that last year of his life.  I am so grateful to Nikki for her loving dog massages.  His quality of life was better, and I am so glad Nikki was there for him, and for us.”                                                                         ~ Mary Peters, Niko & Helena                                               HOOD RIVER, OR
“Nikki Brandon is as close to a miracle healer for pets, as it gets. Our dog Elmo came into this world with multiple joint issues, skin disorders and you name it. Through Nikki’s counsel and practices on nutrition, healing therapies and exercises, Elmo will celebrate his 6th birthday, one we thought we may not see. Traditional veterinary medicine had run out of options and suggested the possibility of euthanasia. However, through her dedicated, insightful practice, Nikki was able to stabilize Elmo to live a drug free, comfortable life. Elmo is not completely pain free but Nikki has taught us multiple healing options to help him through the rough patches. She is truly a remarkable healer and gifted animal care    giver.”                    ~ Myrna & Scott Clements                                         WHITE SALMON, WA








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