Our Story

My Why 
The two main questions I get asked the most about my practice are, “how and why did you get in to this unique line of work?” and “where did you come up with the business name?”

The answers to those questions go back to 2007 to two dogs named Lucy and Hector. Lucy was a beautiful White Shepherd rescue that in her later years was diagnosed with kidney disease. As with all animals with kidney issues, one of the biggest challenges is in managing their discomfort, being that pain medications are often more damaging than helpful. Our local veterinarian recommended we try massage therapy to help in both her physical pain and to support her body in detoxing.

The closest practitioner was a little over an hour away, but we loaded her up and took her to her appointments regularly. She responded so well, even after the first session. It was amazing. She moved and played like a newly refreshed pup each time. After a while though, the long car rides were taking their toll and transporting her so far was difficult. I asked her therapist if there were things I could do at home for her. She was a great resource, as was her vet. I did some of my own research, bought a few books and starting doing what I felt comfortable to at home. It was then that I realized the power of body-work on pets, as well as fell in love with the idea of making this my new career path.

Thankfully, I found an amazing certification program in the state of Washington and didn’t have to travel very far. After three years of exams, meeting my practical hours and additional workshops, I decided my practice would serve pets best if it was mobile. I could travel to them whether they were at a clinic or in the comfortable surroundings of home. I want my clients to feel safe and not limited to the care they can receive by their mobility restraints. I’m happy to come to them. I am so grateful to Lucy for opening this door for me.

COMING SOON……Hector’s story

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